The top 3 European destinations for the fall break

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yeah, the summer was amazingly enthralling and you loved it, but it left you miserably sad about the upcoming everydayness. The summer brought you adventures, you were curious and brave, but just like a bolt from the blue the autumn came and broke your heart. You were depressed and desperate and there was one and only hope, a single simple light in the end of the tunnel – the fall break. And now this goal, this piece of perfection right in the middle of the most unpleasant working everydayness period is so soon that you should start planning something huge, something to be remembered, that is worth all the anticipation. So, my dear fall-breakers, here is a list of the top 3 European destination to be visited this time.air-760325_960_720


This city is busy, it is international and full of people with different fates and stories. This city is to be visited right now. The Londoners are there, working from 8am to 5pm and the museums, the galleries, the London eye have no queues. You can enjoy all of them with no pressure and then feel the atmosphere of the real city after work time.


The poets and the writers claim that there is no city more beautiful than Paris in the fall. And we shall admit that those wordy people are completely right. Go there and relish the lovely landscapes and the Parisian chic.


What Austrians like indeed is Christmas. They adore it and for this reason this city is festive much earlier than all the others. Go there in the fall break and spend a pre-decembery Christmas with Glühwein and delis on the Christmas markets. Then go in the palaces and travel in time. I bet that you will remember it.