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How do you optimize travel costs abroad?

Do you like to travel? You must frown your eyebrows in answer, “Do you want to ask ?!” Do you travel as much as you want? We suppose that you have been in your dreams constantly, or at least half a year. In reality, you’re probably saying it would be nice if you could afford one or two excursions a year.

And because too many destinations abroad are literally an hour – two distances and you could have them a weekend, then perhaps the reason for wanting to get away with reality is not as much spare time as the money. Of course, you can take advance loans anytime you need urgent money.

Here are some tricks:

On the road with a car

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It makes sense when it’s cheaper than an airplane, of course. And this happens in closer destinations when there are more people (eg four or more in a larger car) when there are no flights to low-cost airlines or you have to use combined transport. There is no single recipe where, when and how it is cheaper to travel by car, you will have to do the calculations yourself and compare the variants. But it’s cool.


By plane

It makes sense when you are flexible enough.

What it means: It often goes cheaper if you plan on the way back to

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what people are planning to do. How it usually happens – first you decide when it will be convenient to take a break, how to get along with friends on a trip, where you want to go, finally look for tickets and places to stay … Come on now: First, the cool offer (discounts, bugs in the airline systems – happening, downhill routes from direct flights), then looking for a place to stay and then a way to take a break. It’s more complicated, but it’s cheaper.

Much cheaper, sometimes a third cheaper and is particularly relevant for distant (eg non-European) destinations. And there’s an adventurous moment.

Watch out for hidden conditions, fees, baggage restrictions (especially at low-priced).

With could be easy to book your place for holiday.


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