DO or DON’T: travelling in the winter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The weather is cold and rainy, windy and snowy, there are lights all over the streets and all the houses are decorated. Father Christmas is to be seen on every corner, the shops are full with chocolate treats and tasty bakes, the friends and families are gathering, the celebrations have no end. What you think of, when you hear “winter”? Laughs and smiles and presents, dinners and lunches together. Flawlessness. Bliss. However, sometimes this all is too much. Too much Christmas starting in October, too many songs going on everywhere, too annoying and unpleasant. But in the middle of this cold and chilly season, is it alright to start a trip, to take an adventure? While for some this is a total DON’T, because of the sacrifice of Christmas they should make, for many this is a total DO (keep it a secret, but we are winter travelling lovers). cappadocia-805624_960_720So here are some of the many advantages that make us buy plane tickets, book hotels and dream of that winter paradise for so long.

No tourist, no queues

On this kind of holidays most of the people are being at home with their family and friends. So this means that there is no traffic and not so many people on every corner. And since you might think that this is achievable in August as well, you should admit that in the winter there are no tourist, too. So the museums will be empty, the queues don’t exist and your adventure is so careless.

The cold weather might be a plus

Well, in the hotness of a nice august afternoon, the sightseeing seems like a hell. However, the chilly weather in the winter is perfect for a trip and new adventure.